An interesting autumn

I wanted to start again with this site because I have so many interesting projects coming up that I just won’t be able to not have anywhere to share it. I have this feeling that blogging is so cliché nowadays, but I’ll try to forget about the blogging trends, and just do my thing and enjoy it.

Autumn is the time for new fresh starts, especially this year when I also try a change in careers.

Since we moved back to Sweden from Ireland I’ve been so busy with things. Thinking back, I think I was a fool who went back to health care. We moved back so that I could specialise and go back to work as a nurse, but health care in Sweden is quite much a dying business since  the government more or less ignores it, and the working conditions are horrible. Where I’ve worked lately is probably one of the better environments in Swedish health care, and all my coworkers are fantastic people, but still I suffer so much from the stress that I have to take a break from it.

I would have been better off staying in Ireland trying to develop skills in web design, I could have taken classes etc… but now we made another decision. It probably was a good thing to do because I wasn’t finished with nursing yet, but if I had known then what I know now, we would have stayed.

Since we came back to Sweden, one thing we’ve done way too little is to play music. It’s not that we don’t do it at all anymore, but we’ve completely gotten out of the routine of playing together at a regular basis. I really miss music in my life. When I play and sing, I feel something coming back to me, and I need to go back to do it regularly.

This summer we visited friends that we’ve come to know through our semi-regular Irish trad session, and we talked about my mandolin playing. They, my husband included, really encouraged me to play more mandolin, and in the end I made a promise to focus on the mandolin this autumn, and will learn new bluegrass/oldtime tunes and also new Irish tunes. After next weekend I’ll definitely get started with that.

RIP Ralph Stanley

I suppose that today, Brexit is the biggest news, but for me, what hit me most was the sad news that bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley has passed away.

He was one of my big heroes in bluegrass music, I’ve always loved his songs and tunes and how he kept the tradition. He had a FANTASTIC voice and his duets with various musicians were all brilliant, especially that with Patty Loveless, their voices fit so incredibly perfect together.

When I search for good gospel songs I always browse through the Stanley brothers archive. He was known as a bluegrass banjo player but he was also brilliant at clawhammer banjo, which is my preferred banjo style. His recording of “Little birdie” comes to mind. Everything makes up for the fact that there’s usually never any mandolin player in his bands.. 🙂 Rest in peace, dr Ralph Stanley, your music truly lives on.